This resentment is not as widespread as may be assumed, but it exists. Nevertheless, in my experience financiers and artists can – and often do – collaborate without any compromise either in terms of commercial viability or artistic merit. Indeed, significant benefits can come from combining the rigorous financial expertise of private equity firms with the innovation and fearless ambition of creatives. These objectives should not be in conflict.

Of course, that does not mean success is always a given, and there are certainly pitfalls to avoid. But overall, private equity firms should not only be interested in, but thoroughly excited about unlocking investment opportunities in this dynamic and rewarding sector.

While the opportunities are plentiful, investment firms should endeavour to adopt a different mentality to the one they may use for the more commonly PE-backed businesses in their portfolio. The entertainment industry has many idiosyncrasies: past strategies may not be applicable here so it’s important to be open to adopting a new mindset.

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