Toqio has raised a seed round of €8 million from Seaya Ventures, Speedinvest and SIX FinTech Ventures, to scale its global financial SaaS platform. The company makes it easier for any business to quickly launch financial solutions, removing the need to build and manage complex software solutions through its platform and marketplace.

Martínez continues: “Businesses and banks are looking to innovate in the FinTech sector, but to date, they have had to create and maintain complex software solutions to do this. This has also kept smaller niche businesses out of the market. We don’t want FinTech to end up like banking just with a new set of big incumbents trying to take control of financial services. We want to level the playing field.”
Toqio has a modular approach so customers can use pre-built products to rapidly create personalised applications and go from concept to market in just six weeks. The flexibility of the Toqio platform allows clients to launch highly specific use cases on a single, shared infrastructure.
This includes their digital banking, card and financing solutions, which are the simplest, quickest and most efficient way to deploy a fully digital financial proposition to the market. Toqio’s solution also comes with a marketplace, which acts as an orchestration layer connecting the leading financial services and FinTech platforms directly into Toqio. Finally, the company provides a management portal offering clients end to end customer management.

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