Tikehau Capital Exceeds Target With €28.5bn in Assets Under Management at End-December 2020, Driven by €4.2bn in Net New Money From the Asset Management Business

Tikehau Capital, continued its growth trajectory throughout 2020, despite a deteriorated health and macroeconomic backdrop. Driven by its strong corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit, the Tikehau Capital team remained fully mobilized enabling the Group to continue to produce successful performances.

Antoine Flamarion and Mathieu Chabran, co-founders of Tikehau Capital, said:

“Despite the challenging economic conditions that prevailed throughout the whole of 2020, we successfully demonstrated the resilience of our entrepreneurial model and the appeal of our investment strategies. We have used this period to actively innovate, whilst remaining nimble and dynamic in our decision-making process. Our business is currently enjoying very strong momentum and our solid growth trajectory will allow us to soon set ambitious targets for 2025. We believe that the asset management industry has a critical role to play in allocating savings and financing the broader economy. As it continues to innovate and seize attractive opportunities, Tikehau Capital is today well positioned to become one of the dominant players within the industry and embodies a unique entrepreneurial story.”

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Source: Business Wire