Throughout the summer, pension funds across the country reported on their returns for the fiscal year 2021. As Chief Investment Officer Magazine recently reported “private equity is consistently the top-performing asset class” within many pensions’ portfolios. In fact, pensions in Nevada, Iowa, Florida, Tennessee, and Massachusetts reported annual returns from private equity of over 60%.

American Investment Council President & CEO Drew Maloney issued the following statement discussing the critical role private equity investments play in supporting public pensions nationwide:

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, private equity’s robust returns helped pensions around the country meet their obligations to public servants. A new 98% tax increase on private equity, real estate, and venture capital would hurt the very retirees that public officials are trying to help.  The FY 2021 pension returns demonstrate that private equity is a responsible way for pensions to diversify their investments and help their beneficiaries.”

Please read the excerpts below to learn how private equity has delivered robust returns and helped strengthen the pensions of teachers, firefighters, and other public servants throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

FLORIDA + 68.5%
IOWA + 68.3%
NEVADA + 67.8%
TEXAS + 55.4%

OREGON + 44.12%

MARYLAND + 51.85%






KENTUCKY + 38.66%

TENNESSEE + 75.76%