The Riverside Company, a global private investor focused on the smaller end of the middle market, has invested in MDoutlook, a provider of precision intelligence solutions that help life sciences companies develop and commercialise therapeutics and diagnostics in oncology.

This is an add-on to Riverside’s Clinical Education Alliance, LLC (CEA) platform, a leading healthcare professional education and business intelligence platform.

MDoutlook leverages its active and validated network of more than 140,000 global cancer clinicians, including 14,000 identified thought leaders, to power its data and analytics platform and related products. The company’s flagship database product, Lumineer, is an AI/ML-assisted proprietary software product that enables biopharma clients to develop curated rosters of experts who specialise in a particular disease state. Lumineer centralises thought leader intelligence, enabling various teams within the same biopharma organisation to work from a single platform.

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Source: Private Equity Wire