KKR, the New York–based buyout firm founded 45 years ago by Henry Kravis, George Roberts, and Jerome Kohlberg, has launched what it is calling the Sustainability Expert Advisory Council, or SEAC, according to a press release to be issued Wednesday.

Led by University of Oxford Saïd Business School professor Robert Eccles, founding chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, the so-called SEAC marks a new effort from KKR to bring external voices into the firm’s fold to provide guidance on how it should be approaching environmental, social, and governance issues that may effect its business, investment theses, and portfolio companies. 

“Proactively, intentionally, and authentically approaching ESG is more important than ever before,” KKR partner and co-head of global impact Ken Mehlman tells Fortune. “Based on our experience of emphasizing ESG since 2008, we’ve learned that having the advice of independent outside experts and advisers makes us smarter and helps us anticipate important ESG trends. We think the SEAC will help us continue to emphasize and expand our focus on ESG.”

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