PFR Ventures has announced its newest commitment into private equity funds with four investment vehicles receiving EUR75 million in funding from the Polish LP Investor

These funds are either global or pan-European and invest worldwide, in the region and locally. With the recent additions, PFR Ventures has committed to seven private equity funds in total.

“PFR Ventures supports growth of Polish companies through PE and VC investments. We are fulfilling this mission by investing with Polish and international teams. We are also supporting Polish private equity managers, helping them with international visibility and expansion, as well as with fundraising abroad. We hope that in the future the volume of investment capital in Poland will be further expanded with participation from pension funds, just like it is in the US, Canada, the EU, and elsewhere in the world,” says Maciej Ćwikiewicz, CEO of PFR Ventures. “Our commitment to supporting the private equity sector follows our successes in Poland’s venture capital market, which is best measured by its growth. Only last year local and international VC firms have invested over EUR470 million in Polish early-stage tech startups. Poland already has plenty of growing companies with the potential to achieve even more through private equity investment, with the recent successful IPO of InPost being just one example.”

The four recent investments in private equity funds include vehicles advised by British Apax Partners, French PAI Partners, Polish Avallon MBO and one undisclosed fund that will be announced in the near future. Apax Partners is a leading global private equity firm with a strong European heritage and successful track-record of identifying growth investments in a region and a strong focus in tech & telco, services, healthcare and consumer sectors. PAI Partners is a European fund with history dating back to the founding of Paribas, from which it was spun out. The fund has been focused on Western Europe and is known for its long history without losing capital in a single investment.

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