With devastating lockdowns and the ever-present threat that Covid-19 continues to pose, the ability to cater to a population’s healthcare needs has become top priority for governments and companies alike, a trend that accelerated in 2020 and will reverberate for decades to come

At a time when demand exceeds supply of this most life-sustaining commodity, Private Equity Wire hosted its PEWire Live’s Healthcare Investing Summit that brought together GPs, LPS and other private equity experts to share their insights into the fast-changing healthcare sector.

One of the areas that the summit highlighted was how private capital could be a driver of change within the healthcare sector – something which we saw already early on in the pandemic; from March last year we started to record that healthcare deals were swiftly accelerating. They have subsequently stayed at a high level, increasing by a steady pace since lockdowns began to be implemented worldwide.

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Source: Private Equity Wire