Periscope Equity announced the launch of Brightfin, a new company formed from recent acquisitions of MobiChord, Visage, and Mobile Solutions. brightfin provides a unified platform to manage mobile, telecom (fixed), and cloud expenses, offered natively through ServiceNow or as a SaaS solution.

IDC reports that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) spending is expected to continue its rapid growth with worldwide spend reaching nearly $6 trillion by 20231. With the rapid expansion of technology and devices, companies struggle to keep track of IT spend, optimize cost, and properly allocate expenses. Traditional telecom expense management (TEM) companies address mobile expense optimization while a smaller percent provide services to help IT teams improve efficiency. Led by three-time CEO Ed Roshitsh, brightfin has taken the best of all three acquired companies to form the most powerful and forward-thinking IT expense management platform in the industry.

brightfin’s leadership team includes all three former CEOs of MobiChord, Visage, and Mobile Solutions along with additional key hires such as Marjorie Adair (Chief Financial Officer), Chris Kinsella (SVP of Sales), and Keith Jensen (Chief Marketing Officer). In addition, team members from all three companies have joined forces to solidify brightfin as one of the first TEMs to provide transparency into mobile, telecom, and cloud expenses paired with industry-leading allocation that can distribute expenses by department or by company initiative.

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