Pantheon has made for new partner promotions: Petra Bukovec (Investment, London), Jérôme Duthu-Bengtzon (Investment, London), Dinesh Ramasamy (Investment, San Francisco) and Kara Zanger (Legal & Compliance, New York).

Bukovec is a member of Pantheon’s Secondaries team, while Duthu-Bengtzon and Ramasamy are members of Pantheon’s Infrastructure & Real Assets team. Zanger is Global Head of Legal.

Three professionals are promoted to Principal: Andrew Bush, Relationship Manager (London) within our Investor Relations team, and Andrea Carnelli, Head of Research (London) and Tessa Nelson, Head of Portfolio Construction (London), both members of the Investment team.

Among a total of 68 global promotions, 29 professionals are members of the Investment team, of which three are promoted to Vice President. There are 15 promotions in the Investor Relations & Marketing team, with the remaining promotions shared across Finance and Tax, Human Resources, Legal & Compliance, Operations, Project Management, Risk and Technology.

Promotions to Vice President:
• Sarah Burrows
• Jack Farr
• Nathan Harriger
• Selby Jenkins
• Gus Macleod
• Sinead McQuaid
• Ashish Shrestha

“We are delighted to recognie the considerable contribution our global team makes every day to our firm, our clients and partners around the world, especially during the continuing global pandemic,” says Paul Ward, Managing Partner. “I am particularly proud of the way in which my global colleagues have responded to the challenges and personal stress presented by the pandemic, collaborating closely and supporting one another to ensure that we continue to deliver the service and meet the expectations that our clients and partners expect and need.

“It is always a particular pleasure to promote to Partner, colleagues who have made their way steadily through Pantheon over a period of years, demonstrating our commitment to investing in and rewarding internal talent,” he says. “Petra and Jérôme joined Pantheon in 2006 and 2007 respectively, while Kara has been with us since 2013 and Dinesh since 2016. Each has made a valuable contribution to their individual areas of expertise as well as to the wider firm.”

Pantheon has also appointed two Partners as members of its International Investment Committee: Rakesh (Rick) Jain and Brian Lim.

Jain is Partner, Global Head of Private Debt and is a member of the Global Credit Committee, while Lim is a Partner and Head of Pantheon’s Asia and Emerging Markets Investment teams and is a member of their regional investment committees.

Subsequent to Rakesh and Brian’s membership, all Pantheon’s key investment strategies and geographies are represented and the IIC is composed as follows: Andrea Echberg, Rakesh Jain, Matt Jones, Kathryn Leaf, Brian Lim, Elly Livingstone, Susan Long McAndrews, Dennis McCrary, Jeff Miller, Rudy Scarpa and Helen Steers. The IIC is responsible for the strategy and oversight of investment policies and procedures related to all of our investing activities.

Jeff Miller, Partner and Global Head of Co-Investment has joined Pantheon’s Global Partnership Board, responsible for the governance, oversight and strategy of the firm.

All appointments and promotions are effective January 2021.

Source: Private Equity Wire