Global workplace expert Unispace has been acquired by private equity firm PAG

The investment will accelerate Unispace’s growth trajectory for its second decade in market as it sets the global standard for the future of workplace strategy, design and construction. As we move to a post-pandemic landscape, the focus has never been greater on the role of the office, its design and accompanying technology.

Under the agreement, the current shareholders of Unispace will sell 100 per cent of the privately held company to PAG and depart their executive roles. Other senior executives and management, including the recently appointed chief executive officer, Steve Quick, will remain in their current roles, with additional non-executive board members to be appointed by PAG.

“Unispace is a growth-focused business, and PAG supports our strategy and will be a part of the continued and accelerated growth journey,” says Quick.“Celebrating this investment on our 10-year anniversary really shows how far this business has come – and quickly. We believe PAG is the ideal partner for us as we enter the next phase of business maturity. This move will help us realise our growth potential through new markets, and by leveraging PAG’s extensive global networks.”

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Source: Private Equity Wire