Oxford University, Global Accelerated Ventures, and the research commercialisation arm of the university, Oxford University Innovation (OUI), are launching The Oxford GAV Conservation Venture Studio (OXGAV). The Studio will support the research and development of exceptionally promising innovations by interdisciplinary scientists across a dozen departments at Oxford University and will enable the outputs of this research to be commercialised and scaled around the world.

Professor David Macdonald, Founder and Director of Oxford University’s prestigious Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU, Department of Zoology) will be the inaugural Chairman of OXGAV’s Joint Steering Committee. Global Accelerated Ventures (GAV), with offices in London and New York, will bring its expertise as a leading innovation aggregator with large multinationals to bear at OXGAV.

Thomas Buchar, Managing Partner of GAV, says: “We are distinctly honoured to have the opportunity to partner with Oxford University in the creation of the world’s first ever Conservation Venture Studio designed to solve the planet’s most pressing economic problems, all of which are conservation issues. OXGAV will be announcing more partnerships in the coming weeks and we are truly thankful to Drs. Macdonald, Calvert, and Montgomery for collaborating with us to bring the Conservation Venture Studio to fruition. This collaborative partnership will redefine ‘impact investing’ and bring accountability to conservation initiatives globally.”

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