Baseimmune, an early-stage UK biotech startup, is combining big data and biological expertise to predict how viruses will change and identify ‘future-proof’ antigens that will form the crucial elements of the next generation of vaccines. 

In order to further the development of its platform and start pre-clinical development in the lab, Baseimmune has secured a GBP685,000 investment, led by European university VC fund, Creator Fund, and includes Mike Watson, ex-president of Moderna’s infectious disease spin-out with the support of Vaccitech and Oxford University. Maki VC and Rockmount Seed Investments also joined the round.

The team has also initiated the preclinical development of a number of its own vaccine candidates including a universal Covid vaccine and a veterinary vaccine against African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV).

Baseimmune’s software generates vaccine antigens associated with agricultural and human diseases, such as Malaria and Covid.

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