JOG Capital, a private equity firm with a 14-year track record managing more than USD1.3 billion in energy investments, has completed a corporate transition and rebranding to become Carbon Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

CIP is among the first investment firms focused on solving the dual challenge of how to meet global energy demand for 7.7 billion people while rapidly reducing carbon emissions. CIP believes the solutions to these challenges lie in understanding and investing in the entire carbon lifecycle; from hydrocarbon-based energy production through to carbon capture, utilisation, and storage back into the subsurface.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), an existing process and technology that reduces CO2 emissions, is widely recognised as one necessary approach to help achieve economy-wide emission reductions. The business and investment opportunity for CCS arises from this technology that returns carbon to the ground and is experiencing regulatory tailwinds and bi-partisan support both in the US and Canada.

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Source: Private Equity Wire