TwinRiver is focused on serving a new generation of private, public and philanthropic investors looking to make a positive difference with their capital. The TwinRiver platform will provide those investors with opportunities to achieve tangible social and environmental impacts alongside financial returns – the “twin rivers” of a future financial system.

The launch of TwinRiver is timely. A heightened sense of urgency about tackling multiple global challenges is driving investor interest, and impact investing is moving into the financial mainstream. TwinRiver will source investment opportunities in critical areas such as health, environment, and economic inclusion. Within those broad areas is a wide range of exciting options including new solutions to unmet medical needs, climate change mitigation, new models of affordable housing, reskilling and more inclusive access to financial services, all key components of a more equitable recovery from Covid-19.

The TwinRiver platform will offer products that span the risk/return spectrum and include a publicly-traded equity impact strategy, alongside private equity through both funds and individual deals, private debt, as well as new impact products such as venture philanthropy and targeted outcome contracts.

TwinRiver will launch its first products and services in the early fall and the team welcomes the opportunity to explore collaboration with family offices, foundations, institutions and change makers.

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