The University of Cambridge has launched its eighth Enterprise Fund, managed by university spinout fund manager Parkwalk in conjunction with Cambridge Enterprise.

Parkwalk has now overseen more than £100 million of investment into Cambridge-based companies over the past eight years. This new fund is timely as more investors consider startups for their potentially strong returns. Despite interest from investors remaining robust, the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association has found that more than £6.5 billion of private sector equity investment is still desperately needed.

Dr Anne Dobree, Head of Seed Funds for Cambridge Enterprise, said: “The University of Cambridge Enterprise Funds have been an important source of funding for our young companies and are a great way for Cambridge alumni and friends to support the university’s innovation. Parkwalk has been a valued partner since the launch of these funds and has played a huge role in their success.”

Moray Wright, CEO of Parkwalk, added: “During a time of immense global change we are delighted to be managing the University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund VIII. It’s been eight years since the first UCEF fund and I’m glad Cambridge has been such an integral part of our investment journey. Cambridge is one of the world’s great universities and has an unbeatable pedigree in innovation. Cambridge is the source of the jet engine, the structure of DNA, monoclonal antibodies, genomics sequencing and plastic electronics. The Cambridge Enterprise Fund VIII takes advantage of the UK’s world-leading position in R & D and our position as the most active investor into UK university spinouts.”

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