Neuberger Berman MLP and Energy Income Fund Inc. (NYSE American: NML) (the “Fund”) has announced a distribution declaration of $0.0163 per share of common stock. The distribution announced today is payable on August 31, 2021, has a record date of August 16, 2021 and has an ex-date of August 13, 2021.

Due to changes that may continue to occur in the master limited partnership (“MLP”) and energy markets, as well as the impact that these changes may have on closed-end funds that invest in MLPs, the Fund will continue to evaluate the stability and appropriateness of its distribution rate in the months ahead.

The Fund currently intends to make regular monthly cash distributions to holders of its common stock at a fixed rate per share, to be determined based on the projected net rate of return of the Fund’s investments as well as other factors, subject to ongoing review and adjustment from time to time. The Fund currently intends to pay its regular monthly distributions out of its distributable cash flow, which generally consists of (1) cash and paid-in-kind distributions from MLPs or their affiliates, dividends from common stocks, interest from debt instruments and income from other investments held by the Fund less (2) current or accrued operating expenses, including leverage costs, if any, and taxes on its taxable income

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Source: Street Insider