Manual has raised USD30 million in a Series A round for product development and international expansion, as the company sets its sight on becoming the go-to global platform for men’s health and wellbeing

In the last 12 months, Manual has grown at a fast pace, quadrupling its revenue and expanding from the UK to Brazil, with a team of only 30 people.

Manual’s international investors will bring their unique experience to the table, supporting the company in its mission to help more men worldwide. US-based Sonoma Brands, Europe-based Felix Capital and Cherry Ventures have deep-rooted experience in the branding and scaling of consumer businesses. Waldencast will be able to bring its extensive knowledge of the beauty and wellness industries and GISEV lends its deep expertise in the pharma sector. FJ Labs also participated in the round.

The investment bolsters Manual’s chief mission to remove the stigma surrounding how men approach their health and will be used to develop impactful products and solutions, building a vertically integrated healthcare and wellness platform for men. Providing everything from diagnostics to treatments to ongoing care. Manual will continue to expand across Europe, Asia and Latin America and, to support this growth, will be hiring more world-class talent across its product and expansion teams.

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Soure: Private Equity Wire