Institutional investors are expressing confidence in the projected market conditions of 2022, but they also think individual investors are carelessly speculating on high-risk investments.

In fact, nearly half of institutional investors expect economic growth to return to pre-COVID levels in 2022, according to survey findings published by Natixis Investment Managers. Despite the threat of supply chain disruptions and ongoing COVID-19 concerns, institutional investors—armed with tactical allocation moves—see plenty of growth potential in a market they say is driven and distorted by fiscal and monetary policies, and which could spell trouble for unprepared individual investors.

The findings are based on a survey of 500 institutional investors who collectively manage $13.2 trillion in assets for public and private pensions, insurers, foundations, endowments and sovereign wealth funds around the world, including responses from nearly 100 institutional investors in the U.S. who collectively manage $1.3 trillion in assets.

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