A Cambridge University programme has produced a raft of the UK’s ‘next generation’ entrepreneurs and world-class innovators – attracting over GBP50million (GBP53,561,000) of funding and investments over the last four years for the alumni’s life-changing projects

Notable alumni completing the programme have included:

Dr Steve Brierley, Founder/CEO of technology sensation, Riverlane – which is making landmark developments maximising the power and reach of Quantum Computing.

Dr Carmen Palacios Berraquero, national award-winning physicist and Co-inventor of Nu Quantum technology, which is making ground-breaking single-photon components to enable the next generation of commercially-viable photonic quantum technologies – creating a new era of communications, simulation, computing, sensing and metrology.

Dr Richard Taylor, CTO of Vector Photonics – The company’s technology is the first breakthrough in semiconductor laser manufacturing in 30 years, enabling new applications in datacoms; 3D metal and plastic printing; LiDAR; and optical sensing – some of the fastest growing technology markets in the world.

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Source: Private Equity Wire