Hermance Capital Partners, a specialist in unlisted investments, is going digital by opening an online platform facilitating access, analysis and execution of transactions in private markets.

Hermance Capital Connect’s objective is to democratise access to private equity, private real estate and private debt funds, previously reserved for a certain elite, by offering far below average entry tickets. The company says the opening of this asset class to any investment professional is a real revolution for the sector.

The platform is aimed at as private banks, family offices, pension funds or even independent managers seeks to simplify access to unlisted investments such as private equity, private real estate and private debt, a generally complex and expensive process. The platform was developed in collaboration with Delio, a fintech specialising in the IT development of secure solutions in private markets.

Since its foundation, Hermance Capital Partners has been focused on providing access to the private markets to a wider client base. Through its fund of fund offering the firm has found success with clients looking to access top-tier private asset managers, whether in private equity, private debt or private real estate. Accessing these elusive managers through a well-diversified portfolio has been the structure of choice for both institutional investors who lack the in-house private market expertise as well as private clients who have smaller allocations to place. Hermance Capital Connect is an extension of the firm’s investment philosophy and now allows these investors a transparent and efficient access to their offering.

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