There has been some improvement on gender diversity in private equity and venture capital, but considerable progress is required on ethnicity, a new report has found.

The survey report, produced by the British Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (BVCA) and Level 20, builds on the 2018 ‘Women in Private Equity’ report and highlights data from across the industry including, for the first time, on ethnicity. The report also expands on data published by Diversity VC in 2019 in the ‘Diversity in UK Venture Capital’ report.

The data collected on gender indicates the overall proportion of women in the industry has risen to 38 per cent (PE 2018: 29 per cent, VC 2019: 30 per cent) and, encouragingly, 20 per cent of investment team professionals are women (PE 2018: 14 per cent, VC 2019: 20 per cent). To add to this, all male investment teams have declined to 12 per cent (PE 2018: 28 per cent, VC 2019: 37 per cent), in what is a noteworthy shift.

It also reveals a positive trend for female representation in venture capital and private equity, regardless of seniority. The number of women working in investment roles across senior (10 per cent), mid (20 per cent) and junior levels (33 per cent) is improving, in small, mid and mega sized funds (based on Assets Under Management).

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