EQT is pleased to announce that the EQT VIII fund (“EQT Private Equity”) has agreed to sell Igenomix (or “the Company”) to Vitrolife AB publ (“Vitrolife”), The enterprise value amounts to EUR 1.25 billion and will be funded in a mix of upfront cash and newly issued shares directed to EQT and the partnering minority shareholders. As part of the transaction, Igenomix’s key shareholders will retain a minority shareholder stake in Vitrolife representing 7 percent.

Founded in 2011 as a spin-off from IVI Group, Igenomix is a leading global provider of molecular genetic testing diagnosis for IVF and rare diseases, assisting approximately 90,000 patients per year through a diversified portfolio of testing services. The Company is globally recognized for its R&D expertise, led by Dr. Carlos Simón and under the leadership of CEO, David Jiménez. Igenomix employs approximately 560 people and is headquartered in Valencia, Spain, with additional laboratories in 21 countries.

EQT Private Equity acquired a majority stake in Igenomix in 2019, alongside Charme Capital Partners, Igenomix’s founder, and management. Together with the management team, EQT supported Igenomix in its mission to provide personalized genetic information to improve clinical practices in infertility, women’s health and rare diseases. With science at its core, Igenomix has a patient-oriented approach and works to deliver high-quality genetic testing services at affordable prices.

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