EQT is pleased to announce that the EQT Mid Market Europe fund (“EQT Private Equity”) has acquired a 15 percent minority stake in DESOTEC (“the Company”) alongside private equity funds managed by Blackstone (“Blackstone”). In March 2021, Blackstone agreed to acquire DESOTEC from the EQT VII fund, as part of the transaction EQT Mid Market Europe secured the option to co-invest alongside Blackstone for a minority position with board representation. EQT Private Equity has hereby decided to exercise the option.

Based in Roeselare, Belgium, DESOTEC is a leading European environmental services company with a mission to protect the planet through innovative circular filtration solutions, enabling clean water, air, and soil. The Company was founded in 1990 and is focusing on mobile purification solutions mainly based on activated carbon technology.

DESOTEC’s fleet of approximately 2,700 mobile filters is the largest of its kind in Europe and serves a broad range of industrial applications, including air emission, biogas, remediation, wastewater, and chemicals. The Company’s mobile filters enable its customers to comply with environmental regulations and sustainability requirements, through its closed-loop, “Filtration-as-a-Service” rental solution.

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