EQT is pleased to announce that the EQT Mid Market Asia III fund (“EQT Private Equity”) has made a majority investment in Guardian Shanghai Hygiene Service Ltd. (“Guardian” or the “Company”). Guardian’s founders, Chuck Jiang, Charlie Peng and Steven Gan will retain a minority stake in the Company and remain in the management team.

Guardian’s underlying market is supported by favourable demographic trends, including an increasing urbanization pace, a growing middle class, and new regulatory directives, such as “Healthy China 2030”, a nation-wide policy reform that sets out to encourage more healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

From an ESG perspective, Guardian continues to improve living conditions in cities through efficient pest control. EQT will further support Guardian’s digital innovation of pest control products and services, which is key to decreasing negative environmental and human impacts. By investing in and rolling out digital solutions such as digital rodent traps, Guardian could lower chemical usage and reduce the number of manual site visits.

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