Elysian Capital, an independent Private Equity Fund investing in the UK and Ireland lower mid-market, has appointed Apex Group (Apex) to provide full ESG Ratings & Advisory services.

Elysian Capital seeks to adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards and is committed to investing in high quality companies.

Apex has been appointed to provide ESG Ratings, Reporting & Advisory and Gap Analysis services to ensure consistent standards of monitoring and reporting of ESG matters across Elysian Capital’s underlying portfolio. These services include collection of over 300 ESG data points, quantitative scoring and reporting, as well as benchmarking against best-in-class ESG standards, sector peers and UN SDGs.

Apex ESG’s Gap Analysis offering provides Elysian Capital with tailored advice on how to drive ESG performance, aligned to sector best practice, leading ESG standards and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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