Finance for Tomorrow has announced the launch of Investors for a Just Transition, the first global investor engagement coalition focused on promoting a socially acceptable transition to low-carbon economies.

The founding members of the coalition will commit to engaging with companies, encouraging them to integrate the social aspects of the transition into their strategies and to highlight best practices within key industries.

Through this collaborative platform, investors will work with different stakeholders – companies, labour unions, universities and research institutes – to define a common strategy and specific engagement objectives.

Initiated by Finance for Tomorrow, the coalition currently represents EUR3.6 trillion.

The coalition will have three main areas of action. First, members will engage with companies, thereby ensuring ongoing dialogue with coalition members on key themes of just transition. The coalition will also partner with a leading French university or research institute to support a goal of knowledge sharing through the publication of research papers. Finally, the “Just Transition Hub” will serve as an interactive tool enabling investors to assess the performance of companies on the social aspect of their transition.

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