Drawbridge, a provider of cybersecurity software and solutions to the alternative investment industry, has launched a new module in Drawbridge’s flagship technology platform designed specifically for Private Equity (PE) funds.

The new module gives PE funds a single view to monitor the complete cyber risk profiles of their portfolio companies in real-time. The first offering of its kind in the industry, the module was developed in partnership with Drawbridge clients who have been confronted with a dramatic rise in cyber-attacks on their portfolio companies in terms of both size and frequency.

The accelerating frequency of cybersecurity breaches in the Private Equity space has resulted in increased regulatory and investor scrutiny for managers and highlighted how critical it is that LPs feel confident that their assets and information are safe with the managers in which they invest. GPs must ensure they have ongoing maintenance and oversight to protect the Firm, its assets, and its confidential information, and that portfolio companies regularly test the environment and remediate vulnerabilities.

Created following significant client and market demand, the new Drawbridge module for Private Equity funds is offered as a managed service and provides PE funds with comprehensive transparency and insight into key aspects of the critical cybersecurity and risk standing of their portfolio companies. Funds can easily view the complete cybersecurity vulnerability management program and access data and reporting both at the GP and Portfolio Company Level. They can also leverage the new functionality to scan for known vulnerabilities within on-site and remote environments, monitor supply chain risk with a thorough third-party due diligence process, and create and track a roadmap for future improvements within the companies’ risk programs. The module includes Drawbridge’s advanced user interface (UI) that delivers executive summary level reporting that can be evidenced to LP’s to show progress of the Firm’s cybersecurity program from implementation of the Drawbridge module to today.

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