Bain Capital Private Equity (Bain Capital) and Cinven (the consortium) have entered into definitive agreements to acquire Lonza Specialty Ingredients (LSI), a division of Lonza AG, for a total enterprise value of CHF4.2 billion.

LSI is a world-leading provider of specialty chemicals for microbial control solutions, used to eliminate or control harmful and unwanted micro-organisms. LSI’s products are critical ingredients in disinfectants, preservatives, sanitisers, personal care products, as well as coatings and other industrial uses. The business also produces a range of other specialty chemicals, centred around its unique production facility in Switzerland.

David Danon, Managing Director at Bain Capital, adds: “LSI has multiple attractive growth opportunities as the leading global player in the growing market for microbial control. Our strategy is to reinforce the company’s market position, to accelerate growth through further investment in R&D and innovation, and to use LSI as a platform for further industry consolidation, in line with Bain Capital’s and Cinven’s strategies in other sectors.”

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Source: Private equity wire