AXA IM Alts has raised EUR1.9 billion of equity to accelerate investments into the Life Sciences sector.

The capital was raised over the last seven months, with commitments to a significantly oversubscribed fund raise from a range of clients from North America, Asia and Europe. AXA IM Alts’ investments into the life science sector on behalf of clients are managed by its Real Assets platform, the leading real estate portfolio and asset manager in Europe.

Already well established in the US, Life Sciences is an emerging but high potential asset class in Europe which is supported by a number of economic, demographic and technological changes, notably as it relates to healthcare. The sector is benefitting from a significant growth in available public and private funding. Companies in the sector are not just demanding additional space to accommodate their growth but are fundamentally considering how they organise themselves and recognising the value of being part of a relevant ecosystem.

The capital raised will primarily be invested through Kadans Science Partner which AXA IM Alts completed the acquisition of in December last year. It will enable Kadans to execute new acquisition opportunities and continue to build out its existing development opportunities with a view to consolidating its market leading position in Europe.

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