Arcano Asset Management has raised over €200 million to date for the Arcano Impact Private Equity Fund (AIPEF) and has already completed 10 transactions.

AIPEF is looking to invest in private equity funds with a clear focus on social or environmental impact, aiming to generate measurable positive impact alongside a financial return in line with Private Equity profitability.

AIPEF, which expects to achieve a EUR300 million target size in the in the coming months is supporting companies contributing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly through impact themes such as energy transition, promotion of health and wellbeing, sustainable agriculture and high-quality education.

The Fund is primarily focused on the US and the European markets, and its transactions include primary funds, as well as secondary transactions and direct co-investments in companies which generate a positive impact. AIPEF has already closed several transactions in the target sectors. Through the health and wellness vertical, the Fund’s investments are supporting mature and established companies that improve the quality and access to services within the healthcare sector, as well as on life sciences companies, with an important innovation component. Through the education vertical, investments are promoting quality employment creation, implementing training models in service companies with an important technological component. Finally, regarding energy transition, AIPEF has focused on investments accelerating decarbonisation and waste reduction to support the development of solutions to manage the negative effects derived from climate change.

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