Abris Capital Partners, a private equity investor focused on Central Europe, has launched ESG Universe 2023 – a comprehensive program of environmental, social and governance initiatives that commits the firm to achieving a carbon neutral portfolio by 2025.

The strategy, which has been developed over the past three years, encompasses 17 initiatives across governance and culture, standards, education, and carbon neutrality that will set new standards in firm’s ESG best-practice. ESG Universe 2023 retains the clear goal of assisting in risk mitigation and value creation across the Abris portfolio, but at the same time includes the ambitious target of achieving a carbon neutral portfolio by 2025, and puts in place net-zero action plans for each individual portfolio company, making Abris the first private equity house in Central Europe to commit to this goal.

In addition, Abris has tasked each of its portfolio companies not only with reducing emissions but also with adapting their strategies and operating models to climate change, which, for some businesses, may have destabilizing effects.

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